Why it is profitable to organize an incentive in Italy in winter time?

Organize an incentive abroad is one of the most effective employee motivational experience. It allows to achieve significant results such as sales growth, increased commitment of employees to achieve company’s goals and the improvement of team relations.

All of the above contributes to the increase in corporate income and to have a better company culture.

Usually companies choose the period from April to October to organize an incentive in Italy, mainly because of the weather, which is nicer especially for outside activities.

However we truly believe that winter season has lots of benefits to organize a corporate event in Italy and below we explain you why.

A wide range of locations and hotels

Your organization has better chances to book the best locations and hotels since there is generally more space available during winter time.

Best Price Guaranteed

During this season many hotels and locations offer the best prices they have, which are significantly lower compared to rates applied during the other seasons.

Good weather

Thanks to the influence of the Mediterranean sea, Italy enjoys a mild climate even during the winter. The thermometer rarely fall below zero.

Multiple options for team building activities and entertaining programs

The mild climate, the diverse natural beauties and a rich cultural heritage make it possible to organize a wide range of team building activities in Italy during winter, as well as a rich cultural and entertainment program both indoor and outdoor.

Here below just some examples:

  • Cooking contests and master classes in any region of Italy.
  • Excursions in private wineries with tastings in all wine-making Regions.
  • Treasure hunt and orienteering in any city of Italy.
  • Ski competition in the Alps.
  • Orienteering and photography hunt in the Alps.
  • Private tours of attractions.
  • Spa treatments in thermal baths all over the country.

We suggest to organize your incentive program combining several activities, for instance:

  • Orienteering and photography hunt in the Alps combined with a Culinary Contest and a SPA treatment in one of the most beautiful thermal bath of the Alps.
  • Culinary master class in one of the best Michelin starred restaurants in Rome combined with a Private visit of Vatican Museums and a Master class of art restoration. The incentive could be concluded by a theme party at one of Rome’s ancient villas with stunning panoramic view on the Eternal City.

If you need a local partner to help you organize your event or incentive in Italy, you can contact GVST Group for ideas and quotation.

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