GVST Group



The GVST team has passion and experience to execute unforgettable moments.
Our long history is made up of thousands of pictures showing our client’s extraordinary successes all over the world.

Our globe-trotting President – the Alitalia Representative for Eastern Europe, Australia, Switzerland, South America and Italy. He’s also been the CEO of AirPlus London, Airtour Milan, Italiatour and “Visitando il Mondo”.
A born organiser! Travel Services Officer with the Superior Centre for Defence Studies; Director, Barberini Incentive Conferences; External relations officer for Total Service Group; Marketing officer, Italian National Convention Bureau. At the head of the GVST team for 20 years… always on the run!
More than 25 years of experience and still fresh, always searching for new ideas, new experiences and destinations to discover. A person devoted to travel, to family and outdoor sports, he relaxes with hours of climbing, or with skis buckled on and adrenalin flowing for a run over powder snow.
With GVST since the start, she began her career very young, on the Conference Team at Barberini Tours, then serving as Assistant Director for the Incentives Branch, before joining the Conferences Branch at FuturViaggi Rome. Nothing short of a wonder-woman, at home Fabiola deals with two tireless youngsters!
One of GVST’s founders, Graziano has developed vast experience in security issues. He travelled in “adventure style” to difficult destinations. He easily learned the art of making do, and still readily adapts to any situation. At the moment he is on staff for the National Chamber of Deputies.