Effective incentive in 9 steps

A well-organized incentive is an incredible effective tool to improve internal marketing communication and to boost productivity.
BUT, if it is poorly organized, it can become an incredible waste of money.
In this article, we want to share with you how to organize an effective incentive in merely 9 steps:


First of all, an incentive must have a specific goal that could be, for example:

  • To reward your best resources,
  • Team building,
  • To boost motivation.

Once you have defined the purpose, you can easily develop a format for your event.


The incentive organized for a Reward and Recognition purpose is usually turns to be a travel experience offered to the most distinguished employees of the company, often including the participation of their spouses. In this case, it is important to organize an interesting and rich entertainment program, including for example: guided tours, test drives, wine tasting, spa treatments, etc.

In case the incentive has the purpose to be a Team Building activity, it must include sports activities or intellectual games, aimed directly to build a real team spirit.

An incentive to boost Motivation must include training activities with a professional trainer/speaker. This person will be able to work directly with the participants, sharing thoughts and information in the most effective way in order to motivate them to achieve better results and be focus oriented on what company’s goals are.
Whichever format you will choose, do not forget to include a gala dinner or a special lunch and also group activities in the program (such as food and wine tastings, spa treatments, tours etc.).
This is important in order to offer a well-organized combination of different types of activities which ensures high results.


You can organize an incentive in your country or abroad, which is certainly more attractive, interesting and contributes to achieve better results.


Many companies organize incentives in summer, combining outdoor with motivational activities, which certainly concur to create a positive effect. But do not underestimate the winter period, which is a great alternative too. Read more about winter incentives on our article WHY IT IS PROFITABLE TO ORGANIZING AN INCENTIVE IN ITALY IN WINTER TIME?


Pay particular attention to choose the hotel and location for your event. It is necessary to organize a site inspection before the event that permits you to see the spaces, meet the staff and taste the menus.


An Incentive is a corporate event, during which you share with your employees company’s culture, so you need to pay special attention to personalize the spaces and prepared customed marketing materials, as well as corporate gifts.


Pay particular attention to hire professional staff to support the organization of the incentive, because these people will accompany your colleagues and a poor quality of suppliers can directly affect the image of your company in a negative way.


Be sure to have checked all the details regarding the incentive, to have the control of the overall event. For example, put attention in the selection of the menu, including vegetarian options and requesting if there are allergies or intolerances.  Otherwise there would be dissatisfaction among the participants that might work against the company.

The errors made during the organization of an incentive might result in the opposite effect to what it was desired.

This means waste of company’s money and the inevitable dissatisfaction of the participants, the colleagues and the top management.


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